Beat Saber


Game Description:

Many music apps have been released to this moment, so hope you have a well-trained reaction to take up the challenge of Beat Saber. The point is all the same. You pick pre-installed songs, then ruin blocks in time with a rhythm, and estimate your score in the finish. But the way the process is realized will make you shiver.

First of all, grab two cool laser swords. Even if you’re not tuned to the right vibe, fast-paced bass songs and an elegant swoosh your weapon makes will do their job. You will slice floating cubes, blue and red, with a corresponding laser. Moreover, you must hit them from a certain side, like up or down, left or right, which is indicated on the note. So, you’re in an impossible situation that requires careful thinking while notes are passing by at a blinding speed. Until you switch difficulties!

Want personalization? Add mods for multiple martial arts and find fan maps on your favorite songs. Adjust the app to your liking!