Game Description:

A funny cracked guy is here to beat the Boyfriend for the reason he exists! Despite his shabby look and curved lines that the artist even forgot to color, this boy has amazing vocals pleasant to listen to. And, of course, you will meet his final, outraged state: a full-black body with photoshopped human eyes. To prove he’s serious, he impales Pico in the end… Something we could do without, but what’s done is done. You will move through three songs: Sunshine, Withered, and that cursed Hellstage.

Bob FNF is a mockery at all mods ever. Their plots in particular, where some character is mad at you for a made-up reason and gets even angrier when you win. The kiddishly drawn fellow emphasizes the joke, but songs and cutscenes are where artists put the most effort. Plus, it’s full of local jokes true fans will understand.