Fall Guys


Game Description:

These funny clumsy beans are back with new exciting levels and dynamic team battles. Press the start button, pick the coolest skin and enjoy this game on your device on this site.

In the beginning of every level you appear on the start with 30 other players ready to run. Usually, the first map in Fall Guys is an obstacle course, where you need to overcome hanging hummers, big axes and other dangerous tools and avoid all holes in the track. And your time is limited. When a certain number of people get to the finish line, the time ends.

Then, users become a part of a team and need to score the maximum number of points in football or push their huge ball to the finish first. And in the end you can get to the most popular level, where every piece of floor disappears when you step on it. Are you strong and brave enough to get to the end and win? Show your dexterity, speed and other skills to win and receive a huge reward! Other fascinating matches and battles are waiting for you.