Game Description:

The coolest and most yellow guy in Literally Every FNF Mod Ever promised to release his own mod and kept his word. He wears pajamas in a cool way, moves attractively, and dies epically! He hates everyone to provoke a backlash, paying special attention to Girlfriend. Since Boyfriend cannot withstand insults pointed towards her, this is the reason for today’s game battle!

But, as you can guess, Ron is not of an easy-tempered kind. He doesn’t control nerves at all, telling and doing the first thing that comes to his wicked mind. If Boyfriend wants to save his leadership, he needs to be very cautious!

As you complete the rounds of hell, check Freeplay for the secret song Trouble. The name doesn’t promise anything good for you, but with all the defeated rap artists behind, you will manage to apply an appropriate technique.