Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend


Game Description:

Guess who you’re going to battle in Friday Night Funkin’ Girlfriend! Alphabet tutorials are too boring for playful GF, and she wants to kick them up a notch.

It’s a hundred times more joyful to follow a lovely beat by voice rather than just bop your head. Unable to resist the power of music, she decides to join the fun! But don’t expect her to give up only because you’re romantically involved. After all, she is the daughter of two famous vocalists from hell!

The girl shows her tenacious side in songs called Bopeebo, Fresh, and Dadbattle. She has her Mommy’s appearance, but her music style is more Daddy-like. Cute notes drop from her microphone at Nightcore speed. It’s going to be a challenging battle, but don’t get too agitated because she’s still your GF! If only someone told her the same…