Game Description:

Begin your consuming journey in the Hole io! As you can suggest, this addictive casual offers you a voracious black void to control. Move around the city and send skyscrapers, cars, and humans into nowhere. Items you devour will increase your mass and size correspondingly.

Didn’t you forget it’s a multiplayer game? Eat voids smaller than you but keep a respectful distance from larger types. In total, the number of objects grabbed has a bigger value than how many players you’ve restarted.

But it’s so satisfying to cause more destruction! You won’t resist eating your neighbor for sure.

Also, your strategy varies depending on the mode. When the timer ticks, players strive to grasp more points to get in the top 3. But in the Arena, the only one standing after the galactic apocalypse will be the indisputable leader.

Aside from cityscapes, you can taste nutritious villages or hot desert towns. Maybe you’ll grow so large you can waste the whole civilization!