Hollow Knight


Game Description:

Here is a Metroidvania where you build a plot by yourself. The game does not explain it to you as you proceed, it only gives you hints to think out. But one thing is definite: you’re playing for a bug knight who is entitled to save Hallownest lands from a strange curse that turns beetles into walking zombies.

You can replay it infinitely, and each time find something you haven’t seen before. Large unexplored locations are filled with danger and easter eggs. Traditionally for the genre, some places need abilities of higher levels to reveal their secrets. You will return to old spots plenty of times and leave them with new astonishment.

The process of death has been fulfilled creatively. To get back your power and geo, a local currency, you must find and fight your soul that has flown away from your corpse. On the whole, the world is very hostile to you even in the starting location, and it takes courage to outsmart enemies and continue your journey.