It Takes Two


Game Description:

Get ready for one of the craziest and weirdest journeys in your life. It Takes Two has prepared something interesting for you. Fiend a friend, who wants to join the adventures and set off to the magic world, full of challenges and puzzles. The graphic is also surprising, like a real magic world from some girl’s dream.

A family couple, which is about to divorce, turns into their daughter’s dolls and gets trapped in the imaginary world. They are going to face different challenges and obstacles. While playing we will know where these difficulties make their relationships stronger, or fully destroy. During the game you are going to play the role of one of your spouses, while your friend will be the second.

Learn the abilities of every character in order to become even stronger. Don’t forget that you can get the best results only if you cooperate with your partner. Help each other in case of danger, and protect too. Become a part of this great story of love, trust and reliability.