Paper io 2


Game Description:

This is a real war for territory, but in a funny and exciting game. You will compete with other skilled users for the rule to be an owner of this whole location. But turns out, you are an average cube!

In Paper io 2 you play as a colorful cube that can slide on the whole surface and paint it with its unique color. First, you choose a nickname, color of your cube and start the match. In a match, you and other players can cross each other’s parts of the location in order to get the biggest piece of this circle. Your figure always moves, so just pick the necessary direction. Watch your painted part – other users can steal it, and take their pieces to reach the victory. The match ends, if you win, or a more skilled gamer ate you. Always pay attention and act quickly to get the biggest part on the map and destroy enemies.

Invite your best friends and play together to make your chances of surviving bigger. Or arrange a fascinating competition and improve your skills. Enjoy your leisure!