Game Description:

Find all ghosts and discover their type, so the next team will expel them. Purchase necessary items, assemble a brave team of your friends, choose the location and go on your exciting adventures.

In Phasmophobia you arrive at a house with paranormal activity and need to find a real type of ghost that hides there. To do it, use the tools you can purchase before the game starts. The huge store includes special flashlights that can show traces, cameras, thermometers and various electrical appliances to discover the location of a phantom.

They also react to your voice, so ask a phantom to show himself and watch the room. Get to a place in a building where he hides and collect all evidence. And don’t forget about the sanity indicator which increases when he goes for a hunt. After you collect evidence, you can use your notebook to find a type and receive your reward. Watch the task list with bonus missions and complete them all.

Enjoy your pastime together with friends!