Pico Friday Night


Game Description:

Wish the Boyfriend to be a cool gangster like the one you faced in the 3rd week? Dreams come true because Pico Friday Night replaces our blue-haired cutie with a hot guy with guns in each pocket.

The vigorous hitman now stands by your side and is ready to shoot a line in everyone you’ll point at. Even in Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest! Outgun Skid and Pump, Lemon Demon, devilish Senpai, and check out the clone war of your week as well!

The Boyfriend’s voice in songs is replaced, but melodies remain the same. Admire your beloved singer in his full readiness, punching your opponents with rhymes and the microphone itself when the round gets too irritative. Win rap battles one by one with the red fellow’s amazing voice and—who knows?—strike a chord with the Girlfriend’s heart!