Poppy Playtime


Game Description:

Do you like horror games to freeze your blood in your veins? Poppy Playtime is a game that will tickle your nerves. You can hardly fall asleep at night after playing this all day! Only a screensaver is worth something! It depicts a very scary toy or doll, whose eyes inspire fear, and a smile does not mean that it will be funny…

Who is our main character, why did we end up in the factory, and who is Huggy Wuggy? Is it time to play?

What is this scary game about?

Poppy Playtime tells us about an abandoned toy factory, where all but one employee suddenly disappeared. You take on the role of one of the only surviving Playtime employees who left the factory before the huge tragedy struck. You will receive an envelope with a videotape and a letter that says, “Everyone thinks the staff disappeared 10 years ago, but we are still here.” You have to unravel what really happened at that factory many years ago!

The atmosphere inside is saturated with fear, nightmare, horror, loneliness and helplessness. All dolls are creepy. Huge eyes, frozen facial expressions, thin arms and legs, which can quite suddenly be ready for terrible actions, for example, in order to kill you. Also, some dolls know how to talk, this makes you even more fearful. It’s perfectly normal to be confident that a harmless doll might one day say or do something very terrifying.

It’s incredibly scary to watch such creatures! And this feeling is a million times worse if you are talking about a big toy. I’m talking about a 20-foot-high doll. This monster is called … Huggy Wuggy. Find out what it is and why it came to life when we made our way into this huge territory?

Goal of the game

Your goal is to stay alive! Try to survive in an abandoned factory, where no one can help you, and scary toys will only interfere with your thinking and making important decisions.

You will need to explore the building, solve puzzles, use various mechanics. The latter include grabbing objects from afar. GrabPack will help you with this.

Can you explore the mysterious object … and not get caught? During the passage of this game, all sorts of screamers constantly appear. The further, the less it is believed that there are still toys in the world that look really cute and will not harm you.

So far, the game is only available on PC via Steam. But it is gaining such great popularity that, most likely, soon the creators will make it possible to play it on the phone.

Play Poppy Playtime if you’re not afraid! Uncover all the secrets and stay alive! We are sure you will like this survival game!