Game Description:

Everyone knows Heads Up, but few are aware that the developers created another app called Psych! Here, you will guess something more interesting than words. It’s an app for a team of good friends or a crew of strangers who want to shock others with their crazy stories. You will find categories from neutral to personal, depending on what you want to get from the game.

Your mission: fool and don’t be fooled! In each new chosen mode, you’re being asked a rare question for you to make up an answer. Think of a ridiculous but trustworthy variant and submit your choices together. Then, among the array of fabricated suggestions, pick an answer you think is real. A person who scores more right replies wins!

Or, you can move to a personal section. Uncover details of your friends’ yesterday evening, last request in the browser history, and shamefully captivating stories! You will be dazed if you’re lucky to spot a real answer!