Summertime Saga


Game Description:

Welcome to Summertime Saga – the place where you rule your character! Make decisions, feel free to do anything and build relationships with any person you like! A lot of locations where you can improve your avatar! Big map is available, visit every place there!

From the very beginning you can check out the plot of the story, it is thoroughly thought-out! Everything starts with the tragic moment, the death of the father of the main character. But, he wasn’t just a usual loving nice old manб he was doing business with the mafia. After his leaving the huge debt came to your character. So you should be very careful and concentrate. Don’t forget to improve your skills by visiting different places on the map.

For example, the gym can help you to stay strong and beautiful, and to turn many positive attention to your character. This can bring you popularity and it will be easier to make friends. Also try rap battles! It is a great way to improve your charisma!

Don’t be shy! Don’t hesitate! Press play!