Tankman FNF


Game Description:

Followers of Tankmen waited so long for Captain John to ascend the stage! The song and setting were an explosion new to the original game. So, people became more and more excited and sublimated their emotions into own creations.

That’s how this mod was created! In fact, Tankmen is available on Newgrounds only, but it has been only a matter of time when players will make a similar setting. Play the most rated song of the 7th week called Ugh on repeat! Nothing was missed, and John’s sighs are still hitting, just as the desert background and a deep militaristic beat.

To warm up, you’re allowed to use the Tutorial chapter with your Girlfriend, but you can’t change the difficulty in any way. He will fire rhymes at you like a machine gun, at times interrupting them to say his charming Ugh.