Terraria Fishing


Game Description:

Terraria fishing is a source of money, resources, food, enemies, and bosses. The underwater, lava, and honey hide lots of secrets that you can reach only by a rod.

If you’re lucky, you will catch a cute Zephyr Fish, a pet that will follow you on the journey. If you’re misfortunate, prepare to hook the Duke Fishron boss that will shake the soul out of you. And you definitely shouldn’t throw your bobble during the Blood Moon if you don’t want to lure extra problems.

Peaceful waters can give the sharp Falcon Blade, bouncy Frog Leg boots, Balloon Pufferfish to fly high, and Sailfish Boots to run around the world. Collaborating with the Angler NPC, you will get valuable resources for crafting the Cell Phone. But note that all of these items are extremely rare, signifying that the most valuable skill of the fisher is patience.