Toca Boca World


Game Description:

Welcome to the Toca Boca World, where every wish comes true! How is this possible? The thing is, you’re in charge of a scenario.

You won’t find quests, bosses to fight, carrot to grow, or whatever you can find in apps with a specific genre. Here, a city full of possibilities and adjacent lands open to you, and you just search and pick people, activities, items you want to have. Become a photographer, a painter, a writer, or a designer. Interact with objects and change them: take a camera and photograph a sunset, create an oil masterpiece and hang it on the wall of your room. Or write a script, dress up a team of actors, and produce your first movie!

If you don’t have a desire for art right now, choose a more soothing hobby. This city gives you work, school, and endless unexplored areas with secrets behind bookshelves.