Yandere Simulator


Game Description:

Your favorite school subject is the study of Senpai. You know his food tastes, the best places for walking, old and new friends, and… which girls are going to confess to him.

Calm down! You have five game days to eliminate your grave enemies. They don’t suspect you know about their feelings, and you will make sure that Senpai won’t ever know as well. So, will you hit her with a garden shovel or stab her with a katana? You always were a little dramatic. Just don’t forget to get rid of traces and change clothes.

Alternatively, help girls with their little problems and get into their list of friends. Then, use your manipulative skills to switch their love to another object. Or blackmail them and lure them out on a roof to perform your dirty duty without witnesses. But no, you can’t confess to Senpai—you’re too shy!